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Tarsier Monkey Tree Frogs
(Phyllomedusa Tarsius)
Tank Size- These frogs need a large cage, because they are the same size, if not bigger, than Phyllomedusa bicolor.
Food- Tarsius can eat larger food items, as well as smaller ones. They will consume regualr crickets, wax worms, headless meal worms, houseflies (bought nto caught), pinkies, roaches, etc.  You will just have to experiment with how much your frog eats to tell its diet routines.
Temperature and Lighting-
Tank Decor- Tarsier monkey tree frogs will need a variety of brnaches of different thickness, angle, height, etc.  Live plants are also a good choice.  Some common plants to use are pothos, snake plant, jade, bird's nest fern, and other large leafed non-toxic plants.  Background on three sides of the tank is important, so they will feel secure.  Cork bark, co-co panels, aquarium background, et.c are all good backgrounds.  A large water dish is necessary for them to soak and rehydrate in.  Bedding can be bed-abeast, 2 parts soil, 1 part sand, and 1 part bed-a-beast, or paper towels.

Skill Level: Advanced

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