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False Bottoms Are Popular With Dart Frog and Rain Chamber Vivariums.

This is the false bottom in my rain chamber

     False-bottoms are a design that elevates the tank floor, thus providing space under the floor for water to collect, and in a river system, be moved back to the surface via a pump.
Step 1: The first step is to set up the PVC pipe on the bottom of the tank. You can get any width PVC pipe and cut it to whatever length you want. For my 90 gallon rain chamber, I used 3.5" PVC, because the tank is 3' tall and I wanted a high floor so I could reach the bottom. Depending on how big your tank is, will be how many pieces you cut. Turn the pieces on end and set them across the bottom evenly.
Step 2: The second set is the egg crate. You will need to purchase a sheet of egg crate from a hardware store. Egg crate is used to diffues fluorescent lighting, I bought a sheet of 2' x 4' at Lowe's for $8. Make sure that if you need any pumps or submersible heater put in the tank to do it before you put in the eggcrate. You need to cut the egg crate so it will fit inside your tank and be the same size as your bottom.
Step 3: The third step is the fiberglass window screen. This goes over the eggcrate. it can be bought at any hardware store for very cheap, I think around $3. Make sure and cut the screen 2" longer the the width and length of your tank so that it can overlap and prevent the bedding from falling through the egg crate.If you have a very fine bedding, like topsoil, bed-a-beast, and sand mixed, you may want to add a few layers of screen so the sand doesn't fall through, or put down the egg crate, then a layer of screen, a thin layer of gravel, a layer of screen, and your bedding.
Step 4: The fourth step is the bedding. The bedding goes ontop of the screen so it won't fall through the egg crate into the drained water below around the PVC sections.  There are many different beddings including: bed-a-beast, repti-bark, peat moss, dried sphagnum moss, chemical free topsoil, etc.
     After following these steps, you should have made a good false-bottom set-up. Now you can add your tank decor like moss, branches, water bowls, food bowls, etc.

They are mainly used in moist tanks.

False bottoms offer a place to collect drained water under the bedding.

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