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Panacur, Pedialyte, Baytril, Calcium Supplements, Flagyl,

Panacur- Panacur is used to deworm WC frogs or if the frog has a formed stool and is losing weight. It is really a horse dewormer, but it works on most animals including dogs, frogs, etc. It is very cheap, but I'm pretty sure the only way to get it is through a perscription from a vet's office. I went into the vet's office and got a syringe of panacur paste for $10. I have asked a few vets and people who keep/sell frogs and use panacur and they all say that panacur is very hard to overdose, but don't use way too much. I have heard 3 ways of applying panacur. The first way, is to get a syringe (no needle) put a little panacur in it, use an upside down plastic spoon, guitar pick, or something similar to pry the frog's mouth open and squirt the panacur in, usually the liquid form. This way can be stressful to the frog, but probable works the best, because you know the frog ingests it. The second way is to smear a little panacur on the cricket, usually the paste form of it. The third way is to spread some panacur (paste form) over some tin foil and let it completely dry, then take a razor blade and scrape it off. When you have scraped it off, mash it into a powder and you can dust your food items with it.

Baytril- It is administrated by an injection to the ventral area. The does is 10mg/kg and you can repeat it every 48 hours up to 14 days. Baytril is also used on dogs and cats. For frogs, it is used for rubbed snouts, skin sores, and physical injuries.
Flagyl- Flagyl is used when the frog has runny or bloody stools. It treats a parasite called flagellate protozoans, and it is an antibiotic for anaerobic bacteria.
Pedialyte- Pedialyte is used to rehydrate frogs and reduce stress levels. I have not heard of it being used of larger frogs, but if you have used it on larger frogs, e-mail me and tell me about it. I have heard of it being used on dart frogs and mantellas mostly.

Calcium Supplements-  There are many calcium supplements on the market. I use herptivite brand about every 10 days and it works well. There are many things to read on the internet about using calcium supplements daily or weekly. I use it every 10 days, because some say it can harm the frog if used every feeding, but others who use it every feeding say it doesn't harm the frogs.

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