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Here, I will be telling you when I get new frogs or other herps, any news of the frogs, etc.

08/13/04- I bought a group of amphibians from Heather at Blue Grass Exotics. They are:

  • 0.0.1 Southern Tomato Frog (Dyscophus guineti)
  • 0.0.4 Red Banded Crevice Creepers (Phrynomerus bifasciatus)
  • 0.0.5 Foam Nest Tree Frogs (Chiromantis xerampelina)
  • 0.0.1 Fire Salamander (Salamandra salamandra)
  • 1.1.0 Big-Eyed Tree Frogs (Leptopelis flavomaculatus)
  • 0.0.1 Blue-Toed Tree Frog (Hyla hellprini)

07/16/04- I purchased 1.1 Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa bicolor) from Pet World in Lawrence, Kansas.

06/29/04- I bought 2.1 Solomon Island Eyelash Frogs (Ceratobatrachus guentheri) form Walter McAndrew of Red's Reptiles.

05/29/04 - I purchased 0.0.1 Golden Tree Frog (Polypedates leucomystax) from Animal House Pets in Manhattan, Kansas.

05/22/04-I bought 0.0.2 Leptopelis flavomaculatus and 0.0.1 Leptopelis vermiculatus from Santa Fe Pets.

05/11/04 - I purchased a Big-Eyed Tree Frog from Santa Fe Pets, I believe that it's Leptopelis flavomaculatus.

05/09/04 - The extra frog that I recieved free of charge form Quality First Pets turned out to be a male, after a calling competition with one of my males last night. This turns my ratio from 5.4 to 6.3

04/30/04 - I purchased 0.2 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Quality First Pets. They made a mistake and sent me 0.0.3 Waxys without charging, but I'm not complaining.

04/13/04 - I bought 2.2 Argus Reed Frogs (Hyperolius argus) from Santa Fe Pets, a local pet store.

04/13/04 - I purchased 0.0.1 African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus) from Santa Fe Pets here in town.

04/05/04 - I bought 0.0.1 CB Southern Tomato Frog (Dyscophus guineti) from Scaley Dave's Herp Shack in Manhattan, Kansas.

04/03/04 - I purchased 0.0.1 Bumblebee Toad (Melanophryniscus stelzneri) from Santa Fe Pets, a local pet store.

12/27/03- I bought 3.0 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Chris at Gen-X Reptiles. The frogs look very good and should acclimate very well.

9/21/03- I picked up 0.0.7 Orange-Legged Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis) from Patrick Nabors at Saurian Enterprises ( ) at the Kansas City Fall Herp Expo. The look very healthy and he has some nice frogs for sale. I highly recommend him.

9/18/03- I bought 1.1 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Pete at Incredible Pets ( ). They look skinny, but the female is quite large.

*UPDATE* This pair of frogs died within 2 weeks of purchasing, because the male was deathly thin and the female started passing blood. I got no refund or more frogs.

7/22/03- I got 0.0.10 Spiny Madagascar Hoppers (Scaphionpyrne pustulosa) today from and they arrived in great condition after having live arrival guarantee as well as 5 day health guarantee after arrival. I am going to try to breed them.

 7/16/03- I got 0.0.3 'Green Banded' Kokoe Poison Dart Frogs (Phyllobates aurotaenia) from Rafael at Cyberaqua-net because he owed me frogs form when he shipped me monkey frogs and they froze.

6/21/03- One of the Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Stan died of a bacterial infection from too long in a humid deli cup, stress, and rubbing the deli cup.

6/17/03- I got 2.0 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from (Stan) for free since he was running out of room. They were shipped ground on accident and were in shipping for 3 days but lived.

6/3/03- I got 3 American toadlets (Bufo americanus) from my Dad. A kid found them at his work site and gave them to me.

6/3/03- I received 2.0 Sharp-Backed Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa vaillanti) today from Incredible Pets in Florida. Pete is a good guy and ships well. They are fat and ate within 20 minutes.

5/14/03- I got 3 more Orange-Legged Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis) from a local pet store. Jeremy ordered them for me and I picked them up today.

5/4/03- I went to a pet store in Goddard, Kansas called Exotic pets. Nothing special and it mixed way too many species of frogs and other herps. I saved 0.0.2 Orange-Legged Monkey Frogs (Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis) from a large community tank. I hope they do well.

4/14/03- One of my Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) that I got from reptile kingdom died today, because it had a bacterial infection. Its eyes had black crust over them. I tried to treat it with tetracycline, but no use.

4/13/03- I got 0.0.2 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Patrick Nabors at I met him at the Kansas City Reptile Expo and bought them there. They are very nice frogs.

3/17/2003- I got 0.0.2 Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) from Reptile Kingdom. They are recent wild caught and I have to treat them with Panacur. Allen is a nice guy to deal with

11/23/04- I recieved 0.0.4 Mitchell's Reed Frogs (Hyperolius mitchelli) from Bill Weirts of
11/02/04- I purchased 0.1 Golden Sedge Frog (Hyperolius puncticulatus) and 0.0.2 Unknown Reed Frogs (Hyperolius virdiflavus?) from the local pet store.

Any questions, just e-mail me at:

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