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A little info about me.

My name is Derek, and I'm located in the state of Kansas. I have been keeping frogs since I was around 5 years old. Keeping frogs has always been a passion for me and I enjoy it a lot. I have kept many types of herps, from tortoises to salamanders to frogs and skinks. I participate in Kingsnake's Frog & Toad, Treefrog, and Dart Frog Forums.I also post on . They are a great place to learn. I have been lucky to be able to keep all these animals in my room. They are not a lot of people around my town that enjoy amphibians as much as I do, but I talk to reptile people like Jeremy Pierce, a guy that works at a local pet store. He is very helpful and I enjoy going to visit as well as buy crickets, wax worms, pinkies, etc. A friend of mine, Brennan, keeps leopard geckos and they are pretty cool. I am also involved in basketball. I think my favorite family of frogs at the moment would have to be phyllomedusa. Phyllomedusa frogs are also commonly called "monkey frogs" and consist of 28-33 species. All are found in South America. I plan on getting many species of this family. The only ones that I know of that are in the pet trade are: Bicolor, Sauvagei, Vaillanti, Hypochondrialis, Tomopterna, Tarsius, and Trinitatus. All of the species in the pet trade are rare.

I plan on breeding many species of monkey frogs and others as I get more species.

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