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Amphibian Links

These are some herp places that I felt deserved to be on this page, either because of quality and/or had a good site to look at.

Places to Buy Frogs and Supplies-
Diamond Reptile Price List-
Frog or Other Herp Web Sites
Devin's Amphibian Page-
Jeremy's 'Shade Tree Exotics'-
RepoRick's Snake House-
Ben Green's Dart Frog Site-  
Becki's Froggie Pages-
Marc Staniszewski's Mantella Page-  
Monkey Frog Page-
Monkey Frogs Page-

If you have any other good links that you think are worth adding, please e-mail me at: .

Check some of the links out. They are really good pages or good places to buy herps. Sit down, stay a while.

As I find good Herp sites, I will add them to the list.

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