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This Page Will Tell You About Some Popular Ways To Set-Up Tanks.

False Bottom Tanks-False Bottom Tanks
Rain Chambers-Rain Chambers
River Systems-River Systems
The ideas above were designed to make a task easier, or provide the frog(s) with a more natural enviroment.

Almost all of the beautiful vivariums that you see in pictures are planted with lives plants and mosses. Plants and mosses add a great touch to any tank, no matter what the species. Even in my waxy monkey treefrog tanks, where it is normally too hot to grow any bromeliads or orchids, some pothos, jade, and mother-in-law's tongue make the tank look more natural and inviting. If you have burrowing frogs, I would suggest not using mosses, as they will just tear it up. I would use stronger plants and branches so they can't move them. All in all, even little live plants can add character to your living vivariums.

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