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River Systems Are Great For Darts And Terrestrial Frogs Alike.

     To tell you the truth, I haven't made one of these. I think it would be cool to, but I haven't the time. I know how to make them and the details, but right now I will just supply you with a very informative link on how to make one.
     If you have any further questions for the owner of the web site, check out Kingsnake's Dart Frog Forum at:
     I hope this helps you out and it works good. I think it is really a good idea. He did mention that the water at the end of the stream leaked into the soil, so I would reccomend putting like a trash bag liner around the gravel area to prevent this. Make sure the trash bag is covered up so it looks natural. Good Luck!

River systems are greta for semi-aquatic frogs, dart frogs, salamander, newts, etc.

River systems are east to construct and fairly inexpensive.

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