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Giant Waxy Monkey Tree Frog
(Phyllomedusa Bicolor)
Tank Size-Adult P. Bicolors need a large tank. I would sugest around 50 gallons per frog. A 3' tall x 2' wide x 2' long (90 gallons) would be fine for 2 adults. These frogs need room to jump, walk, crawl, and bask so a large tank is neccesary.
Food- These frogs take large food items when they are adults. I would recommend crickets, wax worms, earthworms, roaches, an occasional pinkie mouse, etc. Sometimes, fresh imports won't take common food items right away and you may need to experiment with different foods.
Temperature and Lighting- These frogs will bask in open sun light, so a good bulb helps. They can be kept fine at 77*F with no basking lgiht. I have e-mailed LLLReptile company and they suggested using a Repti-Sun 2.0 bulb. I think the temperature can vary with these frogs, but no too hot.
Humidity- The humidity for these frogs should be about medium-high, around 60-70%, because they come from a warmer area. I have not kept these frogs, but this is what I know from reading and talking with people who keep them.
Tank Decor- An assortment of different sized branches is good for these frogs. They like thick and thinner branches to climb. A large water bowl is needed, because they are so large. A variety of tropical plants is also good. Plants can be bought at many locations including : . A background is needed on the back and sides on the tank, so they frogs know that there is a barrier. A substrate of bed-a-beast is also good.
Breeding- This species is extremely hard to breed. I have heard that they breed about once and then no more. No one has found out what makes them breed. Almost all specimens sold in the pet trade are WC. Watch out for large nose rubs when picking out a nice specimen.
Tadpoles- Since this species is so rarely bred, I know nothing about the care of their tads.

photo© Greg Neise

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

These frogs have a reputation for being fragile, as most are wild caught and don't always take common foods or like being caged. These frogs are very beautiful, but most are not as hardy as they seem.

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