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Razor-Backed Monkey Tree Frog
(Phyllomedusa Vaillanti)
Tank Size- Vaillanti need a large cage to move around in. I would suggest 10 gallons for the first frog and then 5 additional gallons for each other frog. So, 2 in a 15 gallon, 3 in a 20 gallon, etc. Remember that these frogs need a vertical tank. For mine, I have a 56 gallon tall for 2.2, but I like them to have plenty of room.
Food- Common food items like crickets, wax worms, small earthworms, etc. work fine for these frogs. Food should be dusted once in about every 10 days to ensure proper calcium levels.
Temperature and Lighting- The temperature should be kept around 77*F. This can be achieved with a normal bulb or heat bulb. The watt depends on the size of tank.
Humidity- I think that the humidity should be kept around 70-80% for these guys. There are from the rainforests of Suriname.
Tank Decor- Their tank should have lots of branches, a water dish, plants, and maybe some moss. Also, there should be background on 3 sides of the tank. If you are quarinting them, I reccomend using a paper towel substrate, but after that you can use chemical-free topsoil, bed-a-beast, etc.
Breeding- I have heard that this species breeds rather easily, but I'm not too sure my self. When/if I accomplish this act, I will provide information.
Tadpoles- Tads should be taken care of like most others. They should be fed tropical fish foods, algae pellets, etc.

Skill Level: Intermediate-Advanced

These frogs should be kept similar to red-eyed tree frogs, but should never be mixed in the same tank with them or any other species.

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