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Photo by Jason Holland

Tiger Leg Monkey Tree Frog
(Phyllomedusa Tomopterna)
Tank Size- A tank size of about 10 gallons for one and 5 gallons for each additional frog is good. So, 2 in a 15gallon , 3 in a 20 gallon, etc. The tank must be a tall or 'high' tank, because they are arboreal.
Food- They will eat half sized crickets, larger fruit flies, small wax worms, etc. The food should be dusted with a mineral supplement about every 10 days.
Temperature and Lighting- The temperature should be kept around 77*F with a slight drop at night. A regular bulb or heat buld can achieve those temperatures. The watt depends on the size of tank.
Humidity- Humidity should be kept around 70-80%, because they are form the South American rainforests.
Tank Decor-  Bromeliads, pothos, and other plants are good for this species. Keep the tank heavily planted. Branches are also a good investment for them, so they can climb on them and on the galss. A background in needed on three sides of the tank. A good background is cork bark or aquarium paper background.A good bedding for all frogs is bed-a-beast. I reccomend this, because it's inexpensive, pleasing to the eye, safe, and pothos can grow in it.
Breeding- Breeding takes place like that of red-eyes. They amplex while in a rain chamber and eggs shortly follow.
Tadpoles- Tadpoles should be cared for like tropical fish. In 77*F water, fed on treopical fish food, spirulina, algae pellets, etc.


Skill Level: Intermediate

These frogs have similar care to that of red-eyed treefrogs, but shouldn't be mixed in the same tank.

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