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My Adult Group of Phyllomedusa sauvagei

My group of waxy monkey tree frogs (Phyllomedusa sauvagei) came from a few different sources, most of which are wild caught animals. I have purchased waxy monkey tree frogs from:
Reptile Kingdom: 1.0 (Wild Caught)
Saurian Enterprises: 1.1 (Captive Bred)
Gen-X Reptiles: 3.0 (Wild Caught)
Quality First Pets: 1.2 (Wild Caught)
I have collected these frogs over the past two years or so in order to get a good breeding colony. I am still going to get a few more captive bred animals to add with the pair form Patrick Nabors at Saurian Enterprises.

I highly recomend purchasing captive bred frogs when given the chance over wild caught animals.


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