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My Orange-Legged Monkey Tree Frogs

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My Adult Group of Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis

My group of orange-legged monkey tree frogs (Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis) came from a few different sources, all being wild caught animals. I have acquired orange-legged monkey tree frogs from:
Exotic Pets: 2.0 (Wild Caught)
Santa Fe Pets: 1.2 (Wild Caught)
The first two males were basically a rescue/impulse buy (although I was looking for them), because they were in a large display tank with many other reptiles and amphibians, which is completely unecessary. I got the trio to join with them to make a smaller breeding group. I hope to acquire some more in the future.

P. hypochondrialis aren't the most active frogs, but make up for it in their striking coloration.


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